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Shaq and the General Insurance


Have you heard? The new spokesman for The General Insurance is none other than NBA Champion Shaquille O’Neal. With the signing of the deal, Shaq has become the first ever spokesman for The General Insurance. Though this deal may seem random, there is actually a lot of history between Shaq and the General Insurance.

The relationship between Shaq and the General Insurance started way back in the early 90’s while Shaq was a student at LSU. Shaq has stated that The General was his insurance provider during this time. Since then, Shaq has been a loyal customer of The General Auto Insurance. Shaq is quoted as saying, “The truth is I was a customer of The General in my college days at LSU. Like most kids starting out on their own, I didn't know much about insurance but they helped me out. I'm still a customer to this day.”

Due to Shaq’s popularity across multiple demographics, he is a great choice as the face of The General Insurance. Since his signing, The General has wasted no time shooting commercials and creating print ads featuring the NBA Center.  You can see one of the commercials by Shaq and the General Insurance here.

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